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The Juniper Clinic Presents these links as an additional resource, and claims no responsibility of the content of these sites and how you use this information.


*     American Psychological Association

*     APA Monitor

*     American Psychological Society

*     American Psychiatric Association

*     American Medical Association

*     American Academy of Pediatrics

*     Childhood and Adolescent Bipolar Foundation

*     American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy

*     American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

*     American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry

*     American Psychoanalytic Association

*     International Society for Traumatic Studies

*     World Association of Infant Mental Health

*     PsycSite

*     Psychology Today

*     Psych Central


*     Online Dictionary of Mental Health

*     Encyclopedia of Psychology

*     PsychiatryMatters.MD

*     Online Christian Psychology

*     Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry

*     The Child Psychologist

*     Child Development

*     Child Development Institute – Parenting Information

*     Child Psychology Papers – Order re-prints online

*    Child Psychology – Anxiety, Behavioural, developmental problems

*     Mental Help NET – Child and Adolescent Development