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First News From Israel July 2002 (names changed to protect identities)...

Shalom friends and family from the Land of Israel! We arrived a little over a week ago with minor complications with our flights/luggage, but over all it went well and I would like to thank those of you who were praying for our safety and for my fear of flying. I assure you no fear entered in during the whole flight, blessed is the Name!

We are in a beautiful apartment on the second story of a bi-level house. Right below us are believers. We have three bedrooms, a large dining and kitchen area, a small tv room and three bathrooms! There are three terraces off of the house as well, the terrace in the front we frequently eat our meals on and smell the Israeli air, listen to her sounds, watch the birds and view the beautiful flowers and view mountains in the distance (on a clear a.m.!) The L-rd is good and there is a testimony behind this house. I have had visions of standing in this very house for the last three years, right down to the exact color curtains. I always thought I was standing in my friend Catherine's house as I remembered it who lives downstairs. When we arrived Thurs. night after our LONG flight, I just recognized it. No big deal, until the next day. I went to visit Catherine downstairs and I realized I wasn't "standing" in her house at all in my visions-it was the place we live in now! Her house is a little structurally different and the colors are off. What a confirmation that we are in the place we need to be for right now. There is a possibility we will have to give it up come the end of Aug, but we hope not. It is our desire to stay, but we will go where ever the Father has for us. Prayer need #1 is that we find permanent housing if we have not already found it.

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We have had a wonderful time of ministry this first week. We had a Pastor from Washington state come and minister to the body in the gifts of the Spirit. He brought an awesome prayer team along with him. We all fell in love and look for his return. I have never experienced such an awesome move/presence of the L-rd that was so powerful yet in total accordance with G-D's word. It was the most balanced supernatural meeting I've ever been to. This pastor has visions of building a horse ranch up here in the Golan Heights where he can provide a ranch type atmosphere for Israeli's young and old to come and relax and enjoy horses, barrel racing, roping, ect. and minister to believers and evangelize the unsaved. Any of you horse lovers out there who may be qualified to work on this ranch for a season need to be in prayer about it. The arrangments are beginning to unfold. It will take a while to establish, but it needs prayers.

Paul and I have dived in ministering to the body in a private setting. We are led to "lay low" until our citizenship process is complete. We are fellowshipping with believers on a private level in homes. We intend to apply for Aliyah (citizenship) this week. We need your prayers for this. It is also worth mentioning that Pauland I are both led to apply in the office here in Tiberias, which is actually known to be most difficult for believers to get their citizenship. We feel that G-d wants us to go here and He has supernaturally confirmed it for us. We want to ask that His will be done, and that if we are supposed to be permanent residents of the State of Israel that we will be approved. If we are denied, we hope/intend to stay on here for one year. It is our desire we stay for good, but may the L-rd's will be done.

I wish to share at this time that many of the believers here are suffering economically. Jobs are being lost or cut back and salaries being cut by as much as half. Paul and I have felt that some of the funds that have been donated to us to be here should be shared with the believers who need help. We have shared some of the monies donated to us already to help with groceries to a couple of families up here in the village we are living in. Please keep the believers here in prayer. Their circumstances can cause them to lose sight of what/why they are here and be focused internally, understandably so. But, there is a great war in the Heavenlies being fought, particularly over this land and we have to deny ourselves, to consider all things a loss as rubbish, and focus on the harvest which is great. Israeli's are warming up to hearing of Yeshua. They need that inner peace that only He can give. Please pray for the believers here for their physical circumstances and for their physical edification. They need to be lifted up.

Some of you would like to send us snail mail, and we welcome it! Any mail for the ministry such as donations or prayer committments should continue to be sent to the Nebraska address: Bo Mashiach Ministries, 1653 Rd 157, Chappell, NE 69129. Our emails are the same. If any of you decide you would like to send us a care package of anything please place your value LOW. We have to pay a customs tax when it enters the country and it is a percentage based on what the value of the package is worth. Also please keep in mind that all packages are subject to being searched.

There are a few non believers we are already establishing relationships with that the L-rd will have us dealing with in the future. Please keep us in prayer in dealing with the unsaved and as things develop we will keep you informed.

I shall close for now. Thou wilt keep you in perfect peace. May you be blameless in His sight and look forward to our reward, our redemption, for He lives!

In Messiah Yeshua,
Mary, Paul and the kids.

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