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09/15/2002 Entry: "July 11, 2002 Newsletter #3 from Israel (names changed to protect identities)"

July 11, 2002 Newsletter #3 from Israel (names changed to protect identities)

Hello family of YHVH! I just wanted to quickly update you all on what is happening with the application of citizenship. We first went to the office Mon. a.m. (Sun night your time) and we were quickly turned away due to not having a letter of intent of why we wish to stay in Israel and we needed proof of a bank acct. as well as a rental contract. They are seriously concerned about folks who wish to establish citizenship and then leave the country. We are both of Jewish heritage and plan to stay as long as the Lord wills.

So, we returned home only to learn that our landlord would be arriving from Tel Aviv the next day and he'd be happy to give us a written contract. (Is that a G-D thing for timing or what?) So then, we returned to the office in our town this a.m. (Wed. night your time). If I've not mentioned before, our town is well known for giving folks who are believers a hard time establishing citizenship. So, we show up with all she asked us for, and even dealt with the same lady.

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She took the business papers, then asked for proof of being Jewish. We gave her our letter from our Rabbi in the States. She asked what else we had. I only had a family tree with several Jewish surnames, and a copy of a Death Certificate with two of those names on it, not to mention my birth certificate (which she kept a copy of) with my maiden name which is another obvious clue on it. The woman at the counter said, "even Arabs can have Jewish names" and I looked at her and laughed and sai d, "well, I'm obviously not Arab." She laughed too. However, she decided not to keep the death certificate or the family tree taken off line, but she made a passing comment: "I don't know if it is enough, but we'll see, let's send it to Jerusalem anyway." From what I hear from the believers here, if we got past the local office, it is a good 'sign'. The only concern I have is she wanted a copy of our Marriage Liscence, and it is a Christian one, and she didn't spend much time looking at it, but needed proof of our marriage.

Let's just pray that the representative in Jerusalem "doesn't read it" and we also need to go through a background/police check which is no problem, just time consuming. She told us that it is good for Israel if we can stay and raise our children here to stay. She also said to be patient, that the back ground check takes a while, and gave us a receipt should the process take longer than our tourist visa. She was very friendly and w ished us a good day. She normally appears hard and doesn't smile when dealing with other clientle.

We trust the L-rd with all our hearts that His will be done. If we are denied due to the name of Jesus Christ on our marriage liscence, then we are honored to be denied for His name. If we are approved, how much more of a testimony that with G-D all things are possible! We were totally led to go to this town to apply in the frist place and the fact we got past there is a testimony in and of itself, and it took no longer than 20 minutes!

We appreciate prayers petitioned to the Father that if He wants us here to not allow the govt. to get in His way. May it all be established according to His will. I did feel for the first time slightly 'beat up' when we left the office, kind of heavy hearted. I needed encouragment, and I got that from the believers when coming back up the hill to our little village. I thought the whole way home, "I don't want to hear 'no', I don't want to leave" and this was the first time since being here these last three weeks that I felt that way. I've been mostly not concerned one way or the other. But, I don't wish to go on feelings, just sharing a bit of my human self that I experienced today.

Thank you all so much for prayers, support and encouragment. We love you, and will keep you posted!
Mary and the rest of the tribe

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