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Sunday, September 15, 2002

EDITORS NOTE: This should catch us up with the missed postings from prior to this date.

We will be posting the experiences of our missionaries in Israel, and asking for prayer and praise as you read their stories of tribulation and tirumph. Donations may be sent US mail or sent via through the home page, and an end of year statement for your taxes will be mailed to the address on your check or from your paypal account.

Stay tuned, new and archived news will be posted soon! In Him <>< Larry - Webmaster.

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September 13, 2002 Newletter #4 from Israel (names changed to protect identities)

L'Shanna Tova (Happy New Year) from Israel!

Greetings brothers and sisters in Messiah Yeshua. We hope and pray all is well with each of you. I've composed several times in my mind letters updating you as to our adventures of recent, but it seems that it is action packed each and every day and it's been hard to find time to write. We experienced our first Feast of Trumpets here and honestly it was pretty quiet for us. I did hear a trumpet blast one morning as a call to repentance at about 4 am. I actually couldn't move my body but my brain activity was telling me "it's the middle of the night, it's a trumpet, your in Israel, DON'T SLEEP THROUGH THE RAPTURE!!!" Of course, it was me joking with me, I knew there was someone calling all the village to awake, but just for an instant I wondered......

Widows and the Fatherless:

Pure and undefiled religion is visiting the widows and orphans (James 1:27). We are so grateful to have been given the opportunity to do this and as a family! We have three lovely widows surrounding our house, all from Tunisia. None of them speak English, and our Hebrew is pretty minimal, so we smile a lot and use hand signals while listening for that word or two we do know! Anyway, I want to share with you about Sarah. Sarah lives right next door to us in a two room house. She is considered unstable mentally and spends days on end screaming at her dead husband, or no one at all basically. We waved at one another once in a while and she's asked me the time before, I can see her front porch from my laundry terrace, and that was the extent of our relationship, until she became ill. She left one afternoon several weeks ago by ambulance. I was upset, sad is more like it and Paul immediately said I was to go buy her flowers and we'd walk up to the hospital that night (about a 15 min walk) to go see her. Get this, we still needed to find out her name that's how little we knew her! Anyway, praise be to the L-rd it wasn't serious and she was home by evening. Paul and the children went to her home and he prayed for her laying his hand on her shoulder and praying in Yeshua's name. The children have been visiting her faithfully ever since, even if just little Simcha all by herself with saying nothing, just sitting on her porch, but many times we all go, and she insits on handing us bread, and even paid Margaret 20 shekels once just for her sweeping up a little. Well, we noticed something recently, Sarah doesn't scream any more! The only time we hear her yell is if there is another person there, usually one of her sons giving her a hard time about something. We believe something happened when Paul prayed in Yeshua's name over her that her mind was healed. She also has had unconditional love from the children who actually enjoy visiting with her. Love doesn't need to speak the same language, it's universal all in it's own.

Cultural Mannerisms: (click here to read the rest - longer than usual)

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July 11, 2002 Newsletter #3 from Israel (names changed to protect identities)

Hello family of YHVH! I just wanted to quickly update you all on what is happening with the application of citizenship. We first went to the office Mon. a.m. (Sun night your time) and we were quickly turned away due to not having a letter of intent of why we wish to stay in Israel and we needed proof of a bank acct. as well as a rental contract. They are seriously concerned about folks who wish to establish citizenship and then leave the country. We are both of Jewish heritage and plan to stay as long as the Lord wills.

So, we returned home only to learn that our landlord would be arriving from Tel Aviv the next day and he'd be happy to give us a written contract. (Is that a G-D thing for timing or what?) So then, we returned to the office in our town this a.m. (Wed. night your time). If I've not mentioned before, our town is well known for giving folks who are believers a hard time establishing citizenship. So, we show up with all she asked us for, and even dealt with the same lady.

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July 8, 2002 Newletter #2 (names have been changed to protect identities)

hi hi-

What a couple of days it has been! I thought I'd write you on just life. I had already killed the biggest cocroach in my life. Well, we just had this little tiny lizzard visit us in our home. He's so cute. I couldn't catch it. It isn't unusual to look up and see them on your wall. That is one thing you don't have to worry about. I keep wondering when up in the middle of the night if I'm going to step on a scorpion, but Isaac and Catherine say there haven't been any in the house, only outside.

I hear we have our own private bomb shelter under the house. However, it is flooded and mosquito infested. Issac says we go to the community one if we have a time of war. Too bad, I would have like to have a few items like water and toilet paper down there. There is a sheriteem (toilet)in each
of them, this is good. I had bad visions of having to use a bucket and us taking turns going to the surface to dump it. The bomb shelters have all been painted pretty, I'll photograph one. The lady who painted them has been given a N.T. so we hope to pray for her when we pass one by because
we'll be reminded of the seed sown. There is a bomb shelter on every block.

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First News From Israel July 2002 (names changed to protect identities)...

Shalom friends and family from the Land of Israel! We arrived a little over a week ago with minor complications with our flights/luggage, but over all it went well and I would like to thank those of you who were praying for our safety and for my fear of flying. I assure you no fear entered in during the whole flight, blessed is the Name!

We are in a beautiful apartment on the second story of a bi-level house. Right below us are believers. We have three bedrooms, a large dining and kitchen area, a small tv room and three bathrooms! There are three terraces off of the house as well, the terrace in the front we frequently eat our meals on and smell the Israeli air, listen to her sounds, watch the birds and view the beautiful flowers and view mountains in the distance (on a clear a.m.!) The L-rd is good and there is a testimony behind this house. I have had visions of standing in this very house for the last three years, right down to the exact color curtains. I always thought I was standing in my friend Catherine's house as I remembered it who lives downstairs. When we arrived Thurs. night after our LONG flight, I just recognized it. No big deal, until the next day. I went to visit Catherine downstairs and I realized I wasn't "standing" in her house at all in my visions-it was the place we live in now! Her house is a little structurally different and the colors are off. What a confirmation that we are in the place we need to be for right now. There is a possibility we will have to give it up come the end of Aug, but we hope not. It is our desire to stay, but we will go where ever the Father has for us. Prayer need #1 is that we find permanent housing if we have not already found it.

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